Tuesday, 3 April 2012


In the times of anger and wrath anoint yourself with the holly annoyment oil and be happy from the inside. Aye!
When enemies appear look at them calmly without despise and let your soul to fly high, even if your body is faced with undeniable failure know that it would pass... it would pass...

Be those that you deserve to be and try to pass it down on the schedules of times. Time, frame, time, frame, time and frame are relative and you know it dear ones. Production comes, and is only above looking in despair but know that if your soul is pure in your thoughts, nothing would keep your dying flesh from finding that secret passage. The passage of combining the time, the frame and the production. Production of symbols and all that jive :)

And know that the path from annoyance to wrath is short when you deal the memes of the past ;)

Money is information. Even when you are down, remember, when people used to trade goods in the past they shook hands after exchanging material goods. They outwitted their differences with timing of their conversations. Don't haggle too much when dealing whether to work. Work. Even if you can't physically. If your mind is starved take a walk down the street and find a person to talk with even if the streets are dangerous (don't be stupid and do it during the daylight)
Nighttimes are for you, find a corner and hack.

Here is some inspiration for you:
search this thingy and find a hardware hacker to build you this:
Packet Radio

Friday, 16 March 2012

The Holiest Five Elements Of Programming

Being a programmer is quite easy.
All ya gotta do is concentrate of Five, yes, Five holly elements of all.

parsing, structuring, sorting, searching, documenting

This is how you make sense of all the jive coming through a pipe (a stream, a file or something else, it doesn't matter). It comes ordered one by one, and your main job is making sense of it (calling functions, and rearrange them bytes in the way you like)
This is how you would

This is how you would add ORDER where there is none.
Upon parsing the idea for structure should be in your mind and nothing else should disencourage you from making the leap of making order.
Basic types of structures:
yes. Some things fall in line.

Remember, Restructuring is another way of saying DESTROY and restructure!
Order out of chaos is the middle finger that you _MUST_ deal with.

Now that you're ackquanted with parsing and structuring, your next dreadful task is to sort'em'out!
Bubble sort them if you feel stUpid. Two for's for ya!
Quick sort them and tell em that you can do it! Remember, there is a tale of a Lion and a cage. Tell em bout that... Draw crazy doodles and show them that you can think, and politely tell 'em that you are simply a programmer nothing more and that your profession is a dying one and that all those mathematician have their freakish giant tools with which your dying trade is down. Yeah... sorting is hard from this point of view. And really it is. Search the damn machine

AAarhrhrhr! That dreaded word.
DOCUMENT _WHY_ are you doin' the thing you're doin' ;)
Be a bueaurocratic bitch even if that takes time.
Documentation is FOR YA and is for silent communication with other's little things like you

*hic!* *hic!*

So... there you go... you ARE a programmer.
If you cannot afford a damn machine doodle liek a crazy idiot on the sand and use your mind to program. Another way to f*ck w/ your mind is creating idiotic

Remember, you ARE a little cog in that spirit crushin machine called humanity/scoal order and aaaaaal those wrods.
REmember, you STILL are the BEST self-repairing machine. IF you enter the realm of being overloaded with symbols, start meditating or some sh1t. Invent something in your mind, imagine space ships or something... You are _a_ programmer therefore a small imaginative being that should be ... hmm... yeah...
Good buy and much luck and lunches.. for ya

Have a beer or something :]

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Models, Views, Controllers

The other view of this holly triple is the Django's Models, Templates and Views.

It depends on the way you're looking at them

1) If you're looking from the perspective of a user, then the correct way it would seem to be the MVC!
* The user sees a View in the form of a widget, and he/she knows that when he clicks...
* He/She would see a controller (either a message or something else)
* In the end He/She would simply see the model as He/She would see the error messages or would use another tool to check up on the database
Simple as that...

2) The programmers way though is from the inside. (from the perspective of the application)
* The model:
Again this is our first priority. The model usually comes first.
* The view:
Remember! This thingy is connecting an URL portion with a piece of code that would handle the url and would do all the necessary actions in order to produce some widgets for the poor user to play with. Therefore this would be Controller in the 1) scheme.
* The template:
As we are programmers, the main thing we do is to translate one language into another. In our case we take something as Python but with ending tags and translate it into language the web can understand as html + widgets
The main _clue_ is that the templating language IS with ending tags (may be because it is a bit easier to parse? may be...)

! The python interpreter makes pretty amazing things (decisions) with indentation and that is our next clue....
See you next time imaginary readers! Ta-Ta!

Friday, 10 February 2012


Two sexes of Machine
One divides, the other combines
Truth is here, False is there
Feel it here feel it there!
She cries, me worries... again :-/

I lied.. aye!

ORN && ANDN because NOR && NAND are liars too! :-)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Thought Tree and Garden

Let your thoughts grow inside of you like a tree in a garden,
Put a small fence if you wish, as weeds grow outside,
Prune it slightly, pour a glass of water, protect it!

One day it would grow strong and big enough, start searching for another!
Find it, trust it, tell it that you love it ...
Or ... Grow another garden...